I'm/I a/-:
-Amateur/beginner camera user
-zero knowledge in photography
-not a DSLR owner(dunno what is DSLR)
-shoot using my LUMIX DMC-FZ7, my 2mp phone camera, webcam.
-noob in photo editing.
-current software: corel draw,ms word, paint

Feel free to critic n comment on my pic.

Strictly NO:
1. violent element
2. political discussion
3. no,no,no

Friday, May 15, 2009

Taman Bukti Segar...Part 2

Taman Bukit Segar invasion part 2
The small lake garden in Bukit Segar

Tasik yg indah, tetapi..terbiar...
Lonely half dead tree
It's getting dark..

Hey out...haha

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