I'm/I a/-:
-Amateur/beginner camera user
-zero knowledge in photography
-not a DSLR owner(dunno what is DSLR)
-shoot using my LUMIX DMC-FZ7, my 2mp phone camera, webcam.
-noob in photo editing.
-current software: corel draw,ms word, paint

Feel free to critic n comment on my pic.

Strictly NO:
1. violent element
2. political discussion
3. no,no,no

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Putrajaya -A midnightnight view

Date : 24 May 09
Time: 12.00 Am
Venue: Somewhere in Putrajaya Crew:

Here's some crazy shot that i'v got...

Thanks for the security officers who whistled us to clear the Dataran Putrajaya...

So that...we heading to the main bridge...snap some pix and finally we r in Alamanda for some mystery gift..haha..

Going back with some refreshments..thanks to Tang for the luxuries chrysanthemum tea..

Heading to Permaisuri, Nazrin Bistro for our breakfast.. Send Fizi back and go home..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Taman Bukti Segar...Part 2

Taman Bukit Segar invasion part 2
The small lake garden in Bukit Segar

Tasik yg indah, tetapi..terbiar...
Lonely half dead tree
It's getting dark..

Hey out...haha

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Have a nice jaywalk-Tasek Permaisuri---cont'd from Fizi's photoblog'

Petang yg called from fizi..grab my cam and picked up zaidy...heading towards our port..tasek permaisuri..

Here's some beautiful captcha from my lense..

Wisma Zelan's view from tasek

Our friends...zaidy(sifu)

Fizi(a boy with Irwansyah's looks) and Zaidy shooting gorgeus chicks on the other side.

Hey..go home..its maghrib already!!